Canine Etiquette


A non-traditional well balanced approach to engaging with our pets ! 

 At the end of the day we are all our dogs have. They look to us for food, water, overall stimulation and interaction. I believe being included as much as possible in our everyday lives is the most rewarding thing we can provide to our canine friends .

  I have always been one to take my dogs with me anywhere allowed, so with that I needed them to behave and hangout. Over the years i have noticed through the combination of training, proper exercise and positive interactions with our pets we can help them to be equipped to take on the world with us.


 Working with thousands of dogs in the past, I have realized that all dogs are different and several factors need to take place in order for success in training for each individual dog.

Most times as humans we have high expectations for a dog that has never truly understood what those expectations are. One must paint a clear picture with a balance between what we want and what we dont want, with initially not much grey area in between. Same character building skills we have all been through at some aspect in our lives. 

 All owners expectation levels are different in training. One can have a dog that is managed through equipment or that the dog that just really enjoys to please it's owner and equipment plays a smaller role in dogs life. Both take time and effort and both still can give you a better quality of life with your dog. Although, wouldn't it be nice to not always have a leash and corrective collar on your dog? Call 502-262-8254 for more details on the Canine Etiqutte programs !